The accepted demo papers of the 15th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2017) are:

  • Online Conformance Checking for Petri Nets and Event Streams
    Andrea Burattin
  • PALIA-ER: Bringing Question Driven Process Mining Closer to the Emergency Room
    Eric Rojas, Carlos Fernández-Llatas, Vicente Traver, Jorge Munoz-Gama, Marcos Sepúlveda, Valeria Herskovic and Daniel Capurro
  • The Process Checklist Generator: Establishing Paper-based Process Support
    Marcel Bankau, Michaela Baumann, Michael Heinrich Baumann, Stefan Schönig and Stefan Jablonski
  • Replay using Recomposition: Alignment-Based Conformance Checking in the Large
    Wai Lam Jonathan Lee, H.M.W. Verbeek, Jorge Munoz-Gama, Wil M.P. van der Aalst and Marcos Sepúlveda
  • DPIL Navigator 2.0: Multi-Perspective Declarative Process Execution
    Stefan Schönig, Lars Ackermann and Stefan Jablonski
  • Improving Interactivity in Multidimensional Process Mining: The Interactive PMCube Explorer Tool
    Thomas Vogelgesang
  • NLP4BPM – Natural Language Processing Tools for Business Process Management
    Luis Delicado, Josep Sànchez-Ferreres, Josep Carmona and Lluís Padró
  • Design it like Darwin 2.0 – An Evolutionary Algorithm for Automatic Process Redesign
    Jonas Manderscheid, Maximilian Röglinger, Tobias Ruby and Johannes Seyfried
  • Predictive Analysis of BPM tasks with autoCEP
    Raef Mousheimish, Yehia Taher and Karine Zeitouni
  • Heuristic Mining Revamped: An Interactive, Data-aware, and Conformance-aware Miner
    Felix Mannhardt, Massimiliano de Leoni and Hajo A. Reijers
  • CJM-ex: Goal-oriented Exploration of Customer Journey Maps using Event Logs and Data Analytics
    Gaël Bernard and Periklis Andritsos
  • SPOT: Simulation and Evaluation of Real Time Locating System Data
    Andreas Solti, Manuel Raffel, Manuel Stochlinski and Jan Mendling
  • Testing Event-driven Applications with Automatically Generated Events
    Maximilian Völker, Sankalita Mandal and Marcin Hewelt
  • A Model-Driven Framework for Domain Specific Process Design and Governance
    Adrian Mos, Mario Cortes-Cornax, Jose Miguel Pérez Alvarez and María Teresa Gómez López
  • A Tool for Checking Soundness of Decision-Aware Business Processes
    Kimon Batoulis and Mathias Weske
  • APD tool: Mining Anomalous Patterns from Event Logs
    Laura Genga, Mahdi Alizadeh, Domenico Potena, Claudia Diamantini and Nicola Zannone
  • A Tool for Aligning Event Logs and Prescriptive Process Models through Automated Planning
    Massimiliano de Leoni and Andrea Marrella
  • mArtifact: an Artifact-driven Process Monitoring Platform
    Luciano Baresi, Claudio Di Ciccio, Jan Mendling, Giovanni Meroni and Pierluigi Plebani
  • WoPeD – A “Proof-of-Concept” Platform for Experimental BPM Research Projects
    Thomas Freytag, Philip Allgaier, Andrea Burattin and Andreas Danek-Bulius
  • Demonstrating Context-aware Process Injection with the CaPI Tool
    Klaus Kammerer, Nicolas Mundbrod and Manfred Reichert
  • The Proactive Insights Engine: Process Mining meets Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Fabian Q. Veit, Manuel Haug, Jan Philipp Thomsen and Jerome Geyer-Klingeberg
  • bupaR: Business Process Analysis in R
    Gert Janssenswillen and Benoît Depaire
  • Distributed Multi-Perspective Declare Discovery
    Christian Sturm, Stefan Schönig and Claudio Di Ciccio
  • Demonstrating Flexible Support for Knowledge-Intensive Processes with proCollab
    Nicolas Mundbrod and Manfred Reichert
  • A Modeling Tool for PHILharmonicFlows Objectsand Lifecycle Processes
    Sebastian Steinau, Kevin Andrews and Manfred Reichert
  • EDU-ProM: ProM for the Classroom
    Yossi Dahari, Avigdor Gal and Arik Senderovich
  • Extensible BPMN Process Simulator
    Luise Pufahl and Mathias Weske
  • Caterpillar: A Blockchain-Based Business Process Management System
    Orlenys López-Pintado, Luciano García-Bañuelos, Marlon Dumas and Ingo Weber
  • Nirdizati: A Web-Based Tool for Predictive Process Monitoring
    Ilya Verenich, Kerwin Jorbina, Andrii Rozumnyi, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Marlon Dumas, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Marcello La Rosa, Chiara Ghidini and Simon Raboczi
  • ProcessProfiler3D: A Tool for Visualising Performance Differences Between Process Cohorts and Process Instances
    Erik Poppe, Moe Wynn, Arthur Ter Hofstede, Ross Brown, Azzurra Pini and Wil van der Aalst
  • Checking Business Process Modeling Guidelines in Apromore
    Fabrizio Fornari, Stefania Gnesi, Marcello La Rosa, Andrea Polini, Barbara Re and Giorgio Oronzo Spagnolo
  • Automated compliance verification of business processes in Apromore
    Heerko Groefsema, Nick van Beest and Abel Armas Cervantes
  • Incremental and Interactive Business Process Model Repair in Apromore
    Abel Armas Cervantes, Nick van Beest, Marcello La Rosa, Marlon Dumas and Simon Raboczi
  • The onprom Toolchain for Extracting Business Process Logs using Ontology-based Data Access
    Diego Calvanese, Tahir Emre Kalayci, Marco Montali and Ario Santoso