The annual BPM conference is the premier forum for researchers, practitioners and developers in the field of Business Process Management (BPM). The objective is to explore and exchange knowledge in this field through scientific talks, industry discussions, technical tutorials and panels. The conference covers all aspects of BPM research and practice, including theory, management, challenges, applications and technology, and brings together the most renowned representatives of the scientific BPM community worldwide. BPM 2017 in Barcelona will feature a rich program including a dedicated industry track.

Fostering true innovation rather than only incremental change, capitalising on big data opportunities and accounting for processes that are increasingly flexible and generative rather than structured and stable, are some of the challenges that BPM needs to overcome in order to establish its firm position within organisations.

These challenges add to existing areas of interest and relevance to industry and BPM research. They also attest to an increasingly interdisciplinary nature of BPM, which transcends its original scope at the intersection of information technology, organisational management and industrial engineering, to embrace other disciplines such as behavioural science, big data, operations management, social computing, cloud computing, theory of processes and many more.



The separate industry track will host papers that specifically report on problems, challenges, best practices and experiences related to the deployment of BPM methods and tools in practice. These papers will be reviewed by a separate committee including representatives from industry, and assessed on the basis of their practical relevance, clarity in presentation and to which extent they contribute to bridging the gap between theory and practice, rather than their scientific merit.

Organisations are invited to submit their cases and present them to an international audience, showcasing the latest initiatives and exchanging experiences and networking among BPM experts around the world.

The Industry Track will have:

  • Cases presentation, with the incentive of receiving the BPM Innovation Award for the most outstanding case,
  • Invited speakers presenting and discussing Future Trends in BPM.



  • Opportunity to present and discuss latest BPM projects
  • Network with global experts
  • Chance to win the BPM Innovation Award


Submission Instructions

Submit a brief case description and expression of interest using an online form by May 22, 2017. It is required that papers have at least an author affiliated to industry. It is also possible to include authors with academic affiliation. You will then be notified by June 12 if the case description is accepted, which requires submission of an extended description. The track will have dedicated official proceedings, published online as CEUR volume, with ISSN. The case descriptions that are accepted to be presented at the conference will also be invited to submit a case paper to a BPM Cases Book.

To submit your case use the following linkIndustrial Track Submission Form

Key Dates

Deadline for submission of case description (expression of interest) via web form: 22 May, 2017
Notification of acceptance: 12 June, 2017 16 June, 2017
Submission of case paper: 30 June, 2017 July 15th, 2017
Feedback with revision comments: 7 August, 2017 August 15th, 2017
Submission of final version: 21 August, 2017 September 1st, 2017
Industrial track: September 12-13, 2017
Remark: deadlines correspond to anywhere on earth (‘AoE’ or ‘UTC-12′)

Contact if you need any further information.